Armchair R-360 by Janusz Różański.


BERLIN 24.1.2017


Politura is Polish furniture manufacturer based in Berlin and Poznan. The company focuses on the postwar design of the 1950s, 60s and 70s and discovers forgotten Polish designers and their works. The aim is to bring back to life iconic pieces which have never went into production due to economical problems of communist Poland.
Politura produces high quality re-editions of chairs, armchairs and tables – with passion for detail and traditional craftsmanship.

Edmund Homa
Edmund Homa was born 1927 in Chojnice, in the northern Poland. After completing his studies in Interior Architecture at the Fine Arts Academy of Gdansk in 1955, he began freelance work in graphic, interior and furniture design. Since 1962, he has worked for the state’s furniture industry, and also the Academy. He has designed a lot of seating furniture, many of which went into serial production and can still be found in polish houses, public institutions, hotels: like the chair GFM-120, armchair GFM-64, armchair GFM-142 and more. He was a scholarship holder of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he worked under the guidance of Ole Wanscher. Edmund Homa received his professor title in the 1990s. His entire work was honoured with highest national awards. He lives today in Gdynia, Poland.

Edmund Homa

Chair H106 by Edmund Homa
Designed in 1967 by Edmund Homa with the rare afromosia wood, the chair H106 fulfils criterions of a perfect furniture piece. Once declined by the communist decision makers as „too complicated in the serial production” - the only prototype has been forgotten and lost for many decades. Despite that, it was finally found by the designer himself, after 40 years of oblivion, somewhere in the Polish countryside: the original prototype from 1967 stood the test of time, being used as an everyday object. Among the world’s design icons, no other chair offers such an outstanding story and the all inclusive features of an ideal chair: lightness, strength and comfort.

1_Chair No.106 by Edmund Homa

Janusz Różański
Janusz Różański was born in Poznan, 1921. In 1957, he graduated from the Interior Design Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Short after his graduation, he started to work at the State Furniture Industry Union, where he got promoted to the head of the studio at the Construction and Design Company. In 1965, he became the head officer at the architectural studio in the newly opened National Center for Furniture Development, where he was managing a group of designers. His intention was to solve housing problems through introducing into serial production some innovative designs, constructions, and furniture finishings. Janusz Różański was a versatile and magnificent artist. He was a multiple winner of design competitions. He was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit. Through his entire life, he was connected with Poznan, where he passed away in 2014.

Janusz Rozanski

Armchair R-360 by Janusz Różański
The icon of Polish design. It has been the most remarkable armchair designed by Janusz Różański. It was presented for the first time at the Furniture Fair 1959 in Poznan and went into small batch production. The model R360 can still be found in some Polish apartments and public institutions. It stood the test of time, as a comfortable and elegant furniture piece, one of the most innovative and timeless designs ever. Politura brings this model back to life after 50 years in two original versions - with upholstered or wooden armrests. Thanks to customisable elements, the armchair can be individually adjusted to any needs and any kind of interiors. The version with upholstered armrests comes with woollen fabric in classic grey and pastel colours. The legs are available in matt steel, chrome or painted with different colors.

Armchair R-360_retro_1402_1

Armchair R-1378 by Janusz Różański
The armchair was designed in 1962 and is part of the bigger Set R-1378. Politura discovered the forgotten design in the collection of Janusz Różański and introduced the furniture set into serial production. Today the model is manufactured from oiled ash wood in different stains and upholstered with different fabrics in a variety of colours. Compact size, minimalist shape as well as natural finish, place the chair among the most timeless and modern chairs of the mid-century era in Poland.

1_Armchairs R-1378

Coffe table R-1378 by Janusz Różański
The coffee table constitutes a functional and complementary set back to an armchair R-1378. It is manufactured from ash wood - its legs are fully made from solid wood while its top and tray are veneered. The final product is finished with high-end oil, which protects wood as well as brings out its natural matt colour. Thanks to sliding and movable tray it is possible to organize different items in two usable surfaces. The simplicity of this mechanism allows high functionality and reliability and at the same time.

1_Coffee Table R-1378