MILAN 4.4.2017


It was supposed to be all over this weekend. The next issue was to be closed, the new mock-up refined, the photos selected and 148 pages with a new layout sent for printing. Such was the plan, but it failed, which is actually quite understandable because we did it for the first time. Facing the change was a big undertaking to us. Was it supposed to be a revolution or evolution? We travelled between Warsaw and the mountains to achieve what you now have in your hands: „Design Alive” with a new layout. It’s more orderly and mature, but we haven’t given up the pleasure of mixing in some chaos.

Things say a lot about us and we talk about things, places and people gathered around architecture and design – this is the basic package. We also added “dadada” – a new column which is like a beauty spot broadening the horizon with topics that fascinated us and made us want to share them with you. See for yourselves what we have prepared for you together with editor Julia Cieszko, the men from Hopa Studio, Bartek Witkowski from Ultrabrand and the Vikings from Icelandic studio Or Type, and discover the source of our inspiration and of the new font in the titles.

Let us now come back to the topic: it was supposed to be all over, but it wasn’t. The plan of a well-deserved rest began to crumble; the weather had improved, my girl friends were already on their train from Gdańsk, the ski lifts were already closed and the last patches of snow lay in the valleys.

I went nonetheless, despite the grass, the mud, the work and the deadlines. And... it was fantastic! We entered the mountain hostel just before nightfall with the skis still on our legs, the moon was shining brighter than a million torches, Venus, the Great Bear and the newly discovered planets were above our heads and lights from towns and villages lingered down below. Warm teas, cool beers and a series of unexpected meetings...

Now we’re back down, in a small café closing in 15 minutes’ time, till the next winter. Through the window we see the last white slope where we skied downhill to meet spring. Nonetheless.

milan_da_designalive - 1