MILAN 25.4.2016


Thousands of people visited the interactive „Sensorial Carpentry” exhibition presented during the world’s most prestigious design week. We moved the workshop created by Barlinek, Tabanda and „Design Alive", which smells with real forest, to Milan’s district Zona Tortona for 7 days (April 12th-17th) to enable the international audience to learn the true magic of wood, test tools and experience nature with all senses.
„The moment we saw the place, we knew we’d have a lot of fun. When visiting many other design districts these days, we’ve noticed that you cannot touch anything. There are bans everywhere. We really cannot understand it because it’s design, isn’t it? You must check if it works and how. That’s why your place is unique to us: we do what we want, we check, test and have fun. This is simply the true spirit of the design week,” said Elena Boerchio, one of the visitors to „Sensorial Carpentry”.

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The exhibition displayed at Via Tortona showed wood in an honest, professional and unobvious way. The visitors were able to feel like real carpenters, getting to know wood from an entirely new perspective. The interactive installation was first and foremost a workshop smelling with forest and containing raw wood and tools beside hundreds of beautiful saplings. Every visitor was able to become a woodcutter, artist or designer for a while, pulling on a chequered shirt and an artificial beard and getting down to work. „I must admit that I’m virtually overwhelmed,” said Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka, the marketing director at Barlinek, during the exhibition. „When traveling here, we didn’t expect such an intense positive reaction. Now, after a few days, we already know that this was a really good step to show the magic of wood in such a wide scope.”

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The tools prepared for the visitors remember many old carpenter’s workshops and wood pieces – working with them is like a time travel. The two-man saw ensured fantastic competition. Planes and chisels introduced the guests to subsequent stages of shaping, dividing and evening out the material. Hand drills, abrasive papers and sculptor’s chisels were the tools that allowed the visitors to explore the details and carry out a complete finish.

„This exhibition has shown that a sensible conversation about design doesn’t have to be bombastic. It’s worth trusting the visitor’s intuition. ‘A chequered shirt and a beard? Why not?,’ Milan guests repeated – and they included world-renowned designers, architects, interior designers and curators,” stated Iwona Gach, „Design Alive" marketing director. While having fun, the workshop guests also expressed their interest in Barlinek’s deeper story about the wood from Polish forests used to manufacture floorboards, Barlinek’s sawmills and factories full of respect for the products and the company’s involvement in pro-ecological activities. They browsed board pattern books and kept asking about Tabanda’s characteristic furniture used to equip the press zone. „We finally left Milan with our notebooks full of business contact data provided by distributors, architects, designers and... our new readers,” Iwona Gach concluded.

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„The legend of lumberjacks proved powerful in Milan. A chequered shirt and a plane is an international hint,” proudly admitted Megi Malinowska from Tabanda group. „We’re also happy that we managed to distribute all the saplings among the guests. 1500 pieces is no trifling matter!”

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