MILAN 30.3.2016


„Sensorial Carpentry”, a „must touch” interactive exhibition, is going to be presented at Milan Design Week 2016.
Located in a vibrant area of Zona Tortona during Milan Design Week 2016, „Sensorial Carpentry” presents wood in a straightforward and adept, yet unorthodox manner. Here you can feel like a natural-born woodworker or simply look at the material from a fresh angle. It depends on you what role you will play in this space. One of an observer? An explorer? Maybe an artist or creator? Pull on plaid woollen shirts, put lumberjack beards on your face and get thrilled by our timber world, full of wonderful sensory cues.

The premiere show of „Sensorial Carpentry” took place during last year’s Lodz Design Festival in Poland. Look what a great fun we had and do it your way in Milan!


Touch the wood!
Feel its roughness under your fingers, then compare it to the ultimate smoothness achieved with sandpaper polishing. Enjoy its gentle warmth. You can even give it a hug – it’s a very pleasant sensation.

Look at the wood!
Look at the wood carefully. Allow your eyes to travel along the lines and circles of timber growth rings and knots. Become fascinated with these unique patterns and drawings you can discover in every piece of wood. They might resemble a human eye, an owl or even one of Kandinsky’s abstract paintings.

Smell the wood!
Inhale that unearthly scent that brings calm and relaxation, altering your mood and thoughts like aromatherapy. The fragrances of timber can act as an aphrodisiac. They embody freshness, nature, certain cosiness or even the very sense of feeling safe.

Work with tools!
They are the connection between the human imagination and raw matter.
It’s the tools that allow you to bring form out of the wood: shape, scent, texture and sensation.
The ones we have prepared for you served in many carpentries and mills before – each of them has plenty of experience and a broad dossier.

To work in the wood with these is like to travel in time, perform a primordial study or conduct a creative analysis.

The two-man saw offers plenty of fun and competition. This is the very first step in woodwork. Jack-planes and chisels will help you through the processes of further dividing, shaping and adjusting the material. Later on, with hand saws, sandpaper and gouges, you will delve into the details, applying the finishes and fully realizing your ideas. We will offer you braces, so that you can drill holes in a large oak plank, leaving behind an unusual signature. Every interaction with wood leaves a trace and results in a certain effect. To us, each piece of wood you modify will become a sort of a diary page.

Exhibition location: Zona Tortona, via Tortona 28/via Novi 2, Milan
Opening hours: Tuesday 12th April – Saturday 16th April: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sunday 19th April: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Opening party/cocktail (open to the public): Monday 11th April: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Exhibition partners:
Barlinek, engineered wood floors manufacturer:
Tabanda design studio:
Design Alive Magazine:



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